Expert Decorating

Embroidery is our mainstay decorating method on most apparel items. When a product can be "hooped", embroidery provides a rich and beautiful way of representing your brand on a garment or bag. However, some items do not lend themselves to being embroidered, and some logos are not suitable for embroidery.

In those cases, we we can utilize other decorating techniques, each with their own individual characteristics. Screen printing is great for larger run garment orders. Laser engraving is an accurate way of permanently decorating items with fine detail and small lettering. Debossing is a way of subtly putting a tone on tone logo on a softer material like leather. Pad stamping is good for smaller hard surface items like glass and plastic. Direct to Garment, or DTG,  is a high quality way of putting 4 color images on short runs of garments. Along with appliqués, gold leafing, raised PVC and more, there is a solution for almost any item. 

When all else fails, our manufacturers will often work with us to custom make their items, just for you.

Let us know what your goals are and let us help you get there.